The Scottish Ballet


Last night I was lucky enough to go and see The Scottish Ballet’s A Street Car Named Desire. Now as I say, I’m no ballerina (in my dreams yes) and I’m not a dance critic. I'm Joe Bloggs (see what I did there) and I loved it.

Scottish Ballet continue to push the boundaries of modern dance and of theatre itself. Not only was I blown away by the dancers, as per, but the sets were so simply yet so amazing. I don’t want to tell you what happens with the set, because I want you so desperately to go and see this but its magical .

A Streetcar named Desire was a very provocative play, so no wonder the ballet is the same, but really I think the ballet is even more moving than the play. I actually think words can really describe it. But Scottish Ballet have stepped up to the mark yet again!

11– 14 April 2012

18-21 April 2012

26-28 April 2012

2-5 May 2012

9–12 May 2012

16–19 May 2012

Tickets start at £9.25 so Book here!

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