The Scottish Ballet

aurora 1Aurora 4Belle 1Carabosse 2Lady Bluebird 1Red Riding Hood 1

The Scottish Ballet is returning to The Edinburgh Festival Theatre for a run of Ashley Page’s The Sleeping Beauty.

The Scottish Ballet are known for their fantastic performances, and hold a place dear in my heart for their gorgeous costumes.

Please if you can, try and catch a performance of The Scottish Ballet, tickets start at just £10 and its a day out you won’t forget!

Glasgow Theatre Royal
17 - 31 December 2011
Tickets from £10

Festival Theatre Edinburgh
11 - 14 January 2012
Tickets from £10
Box Office 0131 529 6000*

His Majesty's Theatre Aberdeen
18 - 21 January 2012
Tickets from £11.50
Eden Court Inverness
25 - 28 January 2012
Tickets from £14
Theatre Royal, Newcastle
1 - 4 February 2012
Tickets from £10

RBS Museum Lates

Chamber Street.



Silent Disco it up


Hungry Hippo’s


The Entrance Hall. Brutser the Boa.


The Found


Silent Disco


The Finale

When the newly refurbished National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street announced they were doing events in the evening for adults only, I squealed with joy.

The RBS Museum Lates went down a treat as far as I can tell. Tickets were £6 if you were lucky enough to get one, the event sold out pretty fast. For your dollar, you get a treated to the museum being filled with exciting goings on such as live music, face painting, bracelet making, silent disco, hungry hippos cocktails and insect holding. Basically… everyone turned into a big kid and it was brilliant.

I’ll definitely be going along to the next one, I hope this experiment keeps up because, with our gang it was definitely a hit.


Edinburgh Zoo


St Johns Road, Edinburgh.


Penguins having a wash down


Rhino’s being fed


New addition to the zoo, the baby Tapir


The beautiful Sun Bears

I am a big fan of Edinburgh Zoo, I’m an animal adopter and a member. I try to visit the Zoo quite regularly to make my membership worthwhile. Not only are the grounds lovely, afternoon tea in the mansion house a treat, but the animals are usually always out for up close encounters with them.

These pictures were taken on a brisk Sunday afternoon when the animals, like me, would have been more suited to being in their bed! However nearly all the animals were out.

There have been so many upgrades made to the zoo lately that it is a great day out, make sure you see the penguin parade which usually runs about 2 o'clock daily, visit Budungo to watch the chimps, and obviously, visit the Tapir’s who I adopt!



One thing I love about Edinburgh is the variety of music and gigs that go on within the city. Some of my favourite gigs to attend are in the little venues, where local, unsigned bands play. I've been lucky enough to get to know some of the members of these bands and I want to share them with you.

First up are a personal favourite of mine - Run/Lucky/Free.

Who are Run/Lucky/Free?
Run/Lucky/Free are four individuals from different areas of Scotland who just happened to bump into each other whilst studying music at university in Edinburgh. It was quite a fortunate meeting.

How would you describe your musical style and who are your influences?
When we are writing songs we focus a lot on creating a good solid groove in the drums and bass before adding atmospheric guitars and emotive vocals over the top to create a dynamic blend of indie, rock and pop.

Individually we all have different influences, but collectively we all like to listen to a lot of classic bands like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, The Band, David Bowie, Motown, Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, etc. We’ve also been listening to a lot of homegrown talent recently. Some of our favourite Scottish bands at the moment are Bwani Junction, Trapped In Kansas, Miasma, Maydays, Jakil, Discopolis and The Imagineers.

You’ve just launched your new single ‘The Factory’ – tell us a bit about that?
We were fortunate enough to be able to record our new single ‘The Factory’ and it’s b-side ‘Life into Dust’ for free at the amazing Castlesound Studios through a project called the YMI Project. We released the single at the start of October and did a mini tour of Scotland (Skye, Stirling, Glasgow & Edinburgh) to accompany the release. We’re really pleased with the reception the single has been getting so far.

What can we expect from you in the future?
We’re just looking to gig around Scotland a lot more and we don’t really want to waste any time getting back in to the studio. We have some new songs lined up that we really like and want to record. I’m going to be optimistic and say that we will have some new material out at the start of next year.

You’ve played in a lot of Edinburgh venues, including the Liquid Rooms and HMV Picturehouse – where has been your favourite place to play? Where would you like to play?
I think the most memorable experience of an Edinburgh venue is when we played at the Picturehouse (we played there as part of a fundraiser with Stanley Odd and Jakil). It’s just sooooooo big and there was a lot of people there which meant it was a really surreal gig for us. It was a lot of fun and a huge buzz for all of us.
Saying that, I think the most exciting venues to play in Edinburgh are places like Sneaky Pete’s and the Wee Red Bar. They’re small venues but they’re brilliant when you get a decent crowd.
We are an Edinburgh based band and we have been gigging together for a few years now so there’s not much venues left in Edinburgh that I desperately want to play. However, I would really love to play a gig at the Bongo Club.

What venues around Edinburgh would you recommend for good live music?
I’ve mentioned them already but the Wee Red Bar and Sneaky Pete’s always have some good gigs lined up. I really like Electric Circus and the Bongo Club; and the Voodoo Rooms host a night every once in a while called Limbo that usually has some of the best Scottish bands playing at it.
So now that you know a bit about who they are, I suggest going off and having a listen to them.
You can find their new single "The Factory" on soundcloud  and you can buy this and their previous songs over on their bandcamp page. If you really like what you hear, then their next gig as at Maggie's Chamber, supporting The Marvels at their EP launch on the 11th of November.
"Like" their facebook page to make sure you don't miss their updates.



Whiteadder Reservoir

Reservoir Wild swimming is one of my favourite things to do in Summer. There is no chlorine to turn your hair green, no tiny cubicles and no old plasters floating around while you're trying to have a paddle. I try to do it whenever it's sunny and I have someone to keep me company/rescue me if I drown. I'm always on the look out for potential spots, and usually it's at the beach, such as Gullane or Yellowcraigs (both in East Lothian).

Up around the river bend
But this summer I found my new favourite fresh water spot near Whiteadder Reservoir. Situated a 55 minute drive east from Edinburgh, on the B3655 is a great place to escape from people and enjoy some peace and quiet.
If you don't fancy swimming you can sun bath and just enjoy how picturesque the river is
The river flows along next to a large grassy area, which is used as a car park so you can literally step out of your car and into the river. There is a variety of depths too, so if you don't fancy a plunge you can have a paddle and look for river creatures. I love walking up around the river bend, which is slightly further away from the car park, and diving in. The water can be a bit brown at times but I like to think of it as a mineral mud soak. The current isn't very strong so it's not as perilous as some of the spots I've swam in.
My attempt at diving...
Enjoying the water!
Obviously there is some danger wild swimming, with currents and what not so if you are not a strong swimmer I would not go anywhere you cannot stand! And always take someone else with you. It's more fun anyway! This spot can be a bit hard to find so I've tried to make them as simple as possible in a Google map which you can view here. Here's a screen shot of the route:
So next time it's a sunny day and you fancy an adventure, pack your cossie and head for Whiteadder Reservoir! (N.B. I'm aware this is definitely not the right season for this but I wanted to post it as I am already pining for warmer weather and some sun! Forgive me!)



Dragonfly, 52 West Port

Situated on the edge of the Grassmarket, the Dragonfly is a refreshing change from the usual overpriced tourist-orientated pubs to be found in the area. They have a wide selection of cocktails on their menu and are happy to take requests if what you’d like isn’t already there. The menu is organised into sections like a food menu (think Appetisers, Mains and Desserts) so it’s the perfect excuse to have a three-course cocktail meal! Most cocktails are around £6 or £7, which is about average for an Edinburgh cocktail bar. My favourite is the “Raspberry Ripple”, which tastes exactly like it sounds – deliciously ice-creamy and the glass is decorated with hundreds and thousands.


As the name Dragonfly suggests, the bar is decorated with Oriental style wallpaper and paintings. If you can, grab one of the comfy sofas up on the balcony to sit and sip your cocktails and admire the gorgeous chandeliers. There is also a room in the back which can be hired out if you’re having a private function. One thing I love about Dragonfly is that they always have great music playing, no MTV music channels here!


Bar Kohl

Bar Kohl, 54 George IV Bridge

Bar Kohl is a fantastic cocktail bar that doesn’t break the bank. Cocktails start at just £4, so a round won’t cost an arm and a leg. The low price definitely does not mean low quality – drinks are always delicious and well presented. The staff at Bar Kohl are very friendly and always happy to recommend a cocktail if you can’t decide! My favourite is the “Old Skool”, a sour lemon and cola concoction served in a cute miniature tankard. Flavoured vodkas are their speciality – look out for all the different bottles behind the bar!


Bar Kohl has a really relaxed atmosphere and quirky decor, with exposed brickwork walls and comic strips pasted to the ceiling. They also serve great food (the Acapulco Burger is amazing!) so it’s the perfect place for a bite to eat in the evening as well as being a great cocktail bar at night.


Glentress Forest Wigwams

IMG_0409 IMG_0480 IMG_0560

We recently packed up our bedding and headed to Glentress Forest, just 20 miles from Edinburgh. We stayed in a wigwam for £20 each and had a barrel of laughs for free.

I would thoroughly recommend it to everybody and anyone. There's seriously good mountain biking on the 7 Staines trails as well as walks, lochs and rivers. The local town of Peebles offers charity shopping and pub grub if your not the outdoorsy type. These wigwams are perfect for those who like to explore but don’t like leaving the comforts of home. With a proper bed, fridge and kettle in the wigwam as well as a fully fitted mess kitchen nearby it feels like a home from home. The toilet and showering facilities are some of the best I’ve used in the Great Out Doors.




Our bicycles spooning, I love a chance to show off my pink tyres!

After a cycle along the Water of Leith walkway, what better than to stop at  Moo for some brunch.

Washing down our brunch with mocha’s and hot choccy’s

Moo not only does the nicest breakfasts (full Scottish Im looking at you) and delicious cakes too but serves main meals and scrummy burgers! The ingredients are sought locally where possible and all the meals taste so fresh. If your looking for a nice place to sit, read and eat in Edinburgh, this is your place! Close to the Botanic Gardens and not a far walk from the city centre.

Moo, Brandon Terrace, EH3 5DZ



Sofis, is a lovely wee pub with a lot of charm! Comfy sofas an mismatched chairs are on the menu, along with tea and cake as well as lush looking cocktails!
Sofis describes its self as

“Sofi’s - is a chic, hip, upbeat and popular little bar with many events, e.g Champagne Sundays where champagne is offered at great prices, film nights every Monday, Knitting on Tuesdays and Open Mic Thursdays. On regular basis we have clothes swaps, exhibitions openings, Scottish/Swedish Society nights, Bar Boot Sales and lots more

Our lighter snacks are perfect with one of our many wines and we also have a great new cocktail menu both virgin and alcoholic.”

Sofi’s peppermint tea was just what I needed to refresh my senses before a walk along the shore on a sharp October afternoon!

65 Henderson Street, EH6 6ED



Afternoon tea and cakes at Eteaket on Fredrick St is always a treat when your in Edinburgh.
Our order came in lovely cups and saucers, very vintage. The brownies were delicious,as was the tea! Im not a tea drinker but did enjoy my hot chocolate! The caramel tea smelt to die for! Eteaket is a great place to go on your own with your book if your feeling indulgent, have work to do? enjoy the free wifi! Need somewhere to take your granny? Here's your place!



The start of the sweetie shops popping up around Edinburgh began with an addition to Hanover St. I ♥ Candy is the prettiest sweetie shop you’ll end. Its full of every sweetie you could think of, especially ones that have disappeared from your life!
Not only is the shop beautifully decorated, its also a really reasonable. You know some sweetie shops are extortionate? This one isn't.
I bought a milkybar, a bag of anniseeds (yum!), a fish and chip bag for mike and a little posh chocolate and it came to £2.25!
So not only having two gorgeous stores, you can also buy online!
You must check it out if your out and about in the city