The Scottish Ballet

aurora 1Aurora 4Belle 1Carabosse 2Lady Bluebird 1Red Riding Hood 1

The Scottish Ballet is returning to The Edinburgh Festival Theatre for a run of Ashley Page’s The Sleeping Beauty.

The Scottish Ballet are known for their fantastic performances, and hold a place dear in my heart for their gorgeous costumes.

Please if you can, try and catch a performance of The Scottish Ballet, tickets start at just £10 and its a day out you won’t forget!

Glasgow Theatre Royal
17 - 31 December 2011
Tickets from £10

Festival Theatre Edinburgh
11 - 14 January 2012
Tickets from £10
Box Office 0131 529 6000*

His Majesty's Theatre Aberdeen
18 - 21 January 2012
Tickets from £11.50
Eden Court Inverness
25 - 28 January 2012
Tickets from £14
Theatre Royal, Newcastle
1 - 4 February 2012
Tickets from £10

RBS Museum Lates

Chamber Street.



Silent Disco it up


Hungry Hippo’s


The Entrance Hall. Brutser the Boa.


The Found


Silent Disco


The Finale

When the newly refurbished National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street announced they were doing events in the evening for adults only, I squealed with joy.

The RBS Museum Lates went down a treat as far as I can tell. Tickets were £6 if you were lucky enough to get one, the event sold out pretty fast. For your dollar, you get a treated to the museum being filled with exciting goings on such as live music, face painting, bracelet making, silent disco, hungry hippos cocktails and insect holding. Basically… everyone turned into a big kid and it was brilliant.

I’ll definitely be going along to the next one, I hope this experiment keeps up because, with our gang it was definitely a hit.


Edinburgh Zoo


St Johns Road, Edinburgh.


Penguins having a wash down


Rhino’s being fed


New addition to the zoo, the baby Tapir


The beautiful Sun Bears

I am a big fan of Edinburgh Zoo, I’m an animal adopter and a member. I try to visit the Zoo quite regularly to make my membership worthwhile. Not only are the grounds lovely, afternoon tea in the mansion house a treat, but the animals are usually always out for up close encounters with them.

These pictures were taken on a brisk Sunday afternoon when the animals, like me, would have been more suited to being in their bed! However nearly all the animals were out.

There have been so many upgrades made to the zoo lately that it is a great day out, make sure you see the penguin parade which usually runs about 2 o'clock daily, visit Budungo to watch the chimps, and obviously, visit the Tapir’s who I adopt!