Edinburgh Zoo


St Johns Road, Edinburgh. http://www.edinburghzoo.org.uk/


Penguins having a wash down


Rhino’s being fed


New addition to the zoo, the baby Tapir


The beautiful Sun Bears

I am a big fan of Edinburgh Zoo, I’m an animal adopter and a member. I try to visit the Zoo quite regularly to make my membership worthwhile. Not only are the grounds lovely, afternoon tea in the mansion house a treat, but the animals are usually always out for up close encounters with them.

These pictures were taken on a brisk Sunday afternoon when the animals, like me, would have been more suited to being in their bed! However nearly all the animals were out.

There have been so many upgrades made to the zoo lately that it is a great day out, make sure you see the penguin parade which usually runs about 2 o'clock daily, visit Budungo to watch the chimps, and obviously, visit the Tapir’s who I adopt!


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