Whiteadder Reservoir

Reservoir Wild swimming is one of my favourite things to do in Summer. There is no chlorine to turn your hair green, no tiny cubicles and no old plasters floating around while you're trying to have a paddle. I try to do it whenever it's sunny and I have someone to keep me company/rescue me if I drown. I'm always on the look out for potential spots, and usually it's at the beach, such as Gullane or Yellowcraigs (both in East Lothian).

Up around the river bend
But this summer I found my new favourite fresh water spot near Whiteadder Reservoir. Situated a 55 minute drive east from Edinburgh, on the B3655 is a great place to escape from people and enjoy some peace and quiet.
If you don't fancy swimming you can sun bath and just enjoy how picturesque the river is
The river flows along next to a large grassy area, which is used as a car park so you can literally step out of your car and into the river. There is a variety of depths too, so if you don't fancy a plunge you can have a paddle and look for river creatures. I love walking up around the river bend, which is slightly further away from the car park, and diving in. The water can be a bit brown at times but I like to think of it as a mineral mud soak. The current isn't very strong so it's not as perilous as some of the spots I've swam in.
My attempt at diving...
Enjoying the water!
Obviously there is some danger wild swimming, with currents and what not so if you are not a strong swimmer I would not go anywhere you cannot stand! And always take someone else with you. It's more fun anyway! This spot can be a bit hard to find so I've tried to make them as simple as possible in a Google map which you can view here. Here's a screen shot of the route:
So next time it's a sunny day and you fancy an adventure, pack your cossie and head for Whiteadder Reservoir! (N.B. I'm aware this is definitely not the right season for this but I wanted to post it as I am already pining for warmer weather and some sun! Forgive me!)


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  1. Hello there, this spot looks great me and a few friends are planning to do a sponsored walk from newcastle! I don't suppose you have the exact location or a post code? My email is harrytawse@ymail.com - Hope you can help! Thanks :)